Welcome to the official website for the Avalon Groves (aka Serenoa) Community Development District (CDD). This site is funded on behalf of the Community Development District in an effort to help educate the general public about the services provided by the district, and to highlight the other agencies involved in the day-to-day operations of the community. These agencies include, but are not limited to Lake County and the homeowner's associations.

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Request for Supervisor Candidates

Resumes are being accepted from candidates interested in filling the vacant seat on the Avalon Groves CDD Board of Supervisors.
Click here for more information on the role of Supervisor and where to submit your resume prior to June 20, 2024.

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All reports are sent directly to the streetlight vendor.

FWC defines nuisance alligators as at least 4 ft in length and displaying aggressive behavior.  See below for more information on alligators in Florida.

District Management will forward requests regarding CDD-maintained landscape, stormwater ponds, pond 28 fountain, and the Goldcrest Loop playground and trash cans to the appropriate vendors.

Issues regarding roads and street signs should be submitted to the HOA (see contact information below) or Lake County Road Operations.

Avalon Groves Community Development District Disclosure

Please be advised that the Avalon Groves Community Development District (the “District"), a local unit of special purpose government created under Florida law, has constructed and is responsible for the maintenance of certain improvements, infrastructure and facilities within the District. The District financed this construction through the sale of tax-exempt bonds, a form of public financing. As a result, and in accordance with applicable federal and state law, all District owned improvements, infrastructure and facilities are and shall remain open and accessible to the general public. Should you have any questions on this matter, non-resident user fees applicable to District recreational facilities, or any other general District issue, please feel free to contact the District Manager.


At certain times of year we are apt to see more activity from the indigenous fauna of the state ... as waters recede, flora dries dry out (due to drought conditions) ... and when it's mating season.  At such times, the alligators in the community may be moving from pond to pond, and occasionally make their way into yard.  If you happen to see an alligator that does not appear to be afraid of poeple, is in a yard or someplace other than a pond or wetland/conservation area, or otherwise poses a potential threat, you may report a nuisance alligator to the District Manager - the CDD has a permit through FWC with a trapper and works directly with him.  Please note: through this permit, the CDD does not need to coordinate with FWC on granting property access - we deal directly with the trapper.

Please note:
1) The CDD advises against anyone entering the water of CDD-maintained stormwater ponds at any time.

2) The CDD advises against anyone approaching or walking along pond banks, particularly at night.

3) Allowing pets to range freely on CDD property is prohibited.  While on public (CDD) property, pet owners are responsible for exercising sufficient care and control of their animal(s).  Per FL Ordinance 4-27, all animals (this includes both dogs and cats) should be leashed or otherwise controlled by voice command of a person present with the animal at any time it is not securely and humanely confined within a house, vehicle, building, fence, crate, pen, or other enclosure to prevent escape. Pets are not allowed to interact with and/or harass wildlife…as it puts both in danger.

4) It is illegal to feed alligators (F.S. 372.667(1) - this is the most common reason wildlife lose their natural fear of humans and approach residents, thus becoming a nuisance.  Feeding wildlife is considered a Level Two violation under s. 372.83.  If you see someone breaking the law (e.g. feeding alligators or any other wildlife, taunting or interacting in any way with them, fishing in the ponds without a license, etc.), contact FWC's Law Enforcement Branch, at 863-648-3200 or 888-404-FWCC (3922).  Cell phone users can reach them at #FWC, depending on the service provider.


If you encounter a nuisance alligator, Report it to the District Manager.

Thank you, 
Your District Mangement Team

Understanding Your CDD Assessment Letter

If you are reading this, it likely means you either have received or soon will receive your CDD Assessment letter. For more information on what this letter means, please read "Understanding Your CDD Assessment Letter."

What's Growing In The Water?

The ponds at Avalon Groves Community Development District are part of the District's Stormwater Management System.  Throughout the year the District's aquatic vendor will address a variety of vegetation issues to maintain the water quality of the District's retention and detention ponds.  

Here is a list of plants that are considered beneficial and not generally treated and a list of plants that are considered invasive exotics for which the ponds are treated when growth is observed.

Addressing Algal Blooms

Community Involvement Opportunity

  • If you're interested in implementing an Adopt-A-Road program in Avalon Groves, click HERE for more information.

Board Meetings

Draft agenda packets will be posted in Meeting Documents when they become available - see link below.

CDD Board Meeting - Jun 27, 2024

Serenoa Club Amenity Center, 17555 Sawgrass Bay Blvd, Clermont, FL 34714

10:00 AM - 12:00 PM


CDD Board Workshop - July 11

Palms at Serenoa Clubhouse, 17244 Bay Cedar Way, Clermont, FL 34714

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Meetings held at:

Serenoa Club Amenity Center
17555 Sawgrass Bay Blvd.,
Clermont, FL 34714
4th Thursday of Every Month at 1:00 PM

What's new?

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